Friday, February 11, 2011

Sprouting Spuds

Today we revisited the potatoes that we planted last week during our enrichment cluster.  We could not believe our eyes; the potatoes had grown roots and began to emerge as green leaves from the soil.  In a week's time, the students were able to witness first hand the beginning of potato plants.  Did you know that the potato plant was banned from England for several hundred years because eating the leaves made everyone sick at a royal dinner?  They did not know to eat the tuber portion that grew in the ground!

The students were also busy making pomander balls.  They each had the opportunity to push cloves into their own orange.  Once dried, these should make wonderful room fresheners, just like in the Victorian days. 

I am so pleased to see all of the student's eagerness and excitement with what each Friday brings.  Next week, the students will be planting their very own miniature gardens. 

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