Monday, October 17, 2011

Summer Garden Reflections

Blueberries, mixed greens and thyme
As each summer draws to a close, it is always a special time of reflection and anticipation. This summer is no different. It holds many memories, not the least of which is our weekly visits to the BCHMCPS Garden.

When Ken and I first began our visits, we were amazed by the level of involvement and commitment our school families were devoting to tend and harvest our garden’s bounty. We were happy to see our colleagues Nancy Miller, Susie Pease, and Ann Marie Melley working side-by-side with students and parents to care for the plants and produce. We were thrilled with our purchase of cukes, green beans, and swiss chard that we would enjoy throughout the following week.

In subsequent visits, we developed a real excitement of what would be growing, and what would be available for purchase. Each week brought new surprises – blueberries, rainbow carrots, many kinds of potatoes, green beans, cukes, swiss chard, and tomatoes, to name some of the delicious produce that was available.

Even more exciting was the interaction we were lucky enough to see of parents, students, and community members, as they worked together, sharing information about the planting process and harvesting tasks, talking about great recipes, and making plans for future plantings and experiences that could be shared with students during the school year, with great anticipation. We looked forward to seeing people who had become friends as a result of our visits. We also looked forward to seeing the teachable moments that were constantly happening around us.

It will be so interesting to follow our BCHMCPS Garden adventures, see what new crops will be flourishing, and watch the learning potential continue to unfold for our school family. A huge thank you to the volunteers who spearheaded this project, and continue to provide our school community with an invaluable experience. We are so very lucky to have such dedicated families supporting our students and school endeavors.

~Mr. and Mrs. Keenan