Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Morning in the Garden

Today was a fabulous day with community members and school families sharing in harvesting the bounty of fruits and vegetables.  Today we picked blueberries, swiss chard, green beans and 64 cucumbers.  Our beautiful mixed greens and beets were picked too.  They are done for this growing season.  However, we plan to plant some more mixed greens for a Fall crop once school resumes. 

Yet, our growing season is far from over.  We still have tomatoes, herbs, carrots, and potatoes as well as cotton and pigeon peas on their way!  Don't forget to stop on by Tuesdays and Fridays from 8am -10am to pick up your organic locally grown produce for suggested donations.  We have also been extremely fortunate to donate weekly produce from the garden to our local homeless shelter, The Noah Shelter, in Hyannis around the corner from the school. 

We are having a fantastic first year!  Please stop by if you have the time.  We love visitors!

Photo Credit: MJ Keenan