Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Teacher's Perspective

BCHMCPS students lend a hand

The Garden kick-off day was here! I was so excited to be participating in such an important event for our school community. When I arrived at our school I was amazed to see a group of workers already totally engaged in their tasks, working side-by-side, embracing the effort and spirit of the day. Students, staff, parents, and community members worked together with support, laughter, joy, and a true feeling of equal partnership as they labored together, helping each other to create such an important gift for our school and community family.

As I walked around taking photographs, I was struck by the power of the collaboration I was fortunate enough to witness. Students from all grade levels were represented in the effort, working together, forming new friendships, sharing their excitement about working in the garden, talking about what they might like to plant. Students were everywhere – working at the craft table, raking woodchips, shoveling topsoil, spreading mulch, helping to herd the goats, and so much more! Kindergarteners with third graders, students forming new connections, our school family strengthening and connecting as we shared the common goal of building a garden.

I was also struck by the connections being made by parents and community members. Everywhere I looked there were people who were once strangers, now working side-by-side, chatting, getting to know each other, supporting and helping each other, and extending their own ties to our school family. New friendships were sprouting along with the raised beds. It was becoming apparent to me that this garden would be growing so much more than produce. When people who were once strangers saw each other at school, they would now be familiar faces.

As an educator, I was struck by the amazing opportunities that garden project was providing us with. Virtually every core subject could be explored through the garden experience – keeping journals, charting growth, writing reflections, reading and researching information about plantings, creating artistic responses to the experience, and so much more. The possibilities were endless, and tremendously exciting.

Finally, I was struck by the power a project has to create a common ground, bringing together a diverse group of people to work on an equal footing, unifying people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, from all ages. I was truly moved to see the unity fostered by people working shoulder-to-shoulder in an effort to create a unique place of growth, nurturing, and harmony for our children and our community. Thank you to everyone who worked so thoughtfully and diligently to create our special place of growth and education. It will be a permanent symbol of what a community can do when they come together as one.

--Mrs. Keenan

Teacher of the Multi-Age Class at BCHMCPS

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mission Accomplished

A final view of our achievements

This morning at the Kick-Off,  the community at large came out to support the building of our garden.  In four hours, we built 30 raised beds from scratch, filled the beds with soil and compost, woodchipped the majority of garden pathways and mulched the school's front flower beds.  We had a great day and will be compiling photos and feature some guest bloggers to write about their first hand experiences. Thank you everyone who turned out today!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Silent Auction

Thank you all who supported our garden.  We would not be here without you!  We decided to keep the details of our auction on-line so you could still enjoy viewing the generous donations from our community.


Cape Cod Beer Private Tour and Tasting
 Value $100

This certificate entitles six people to a private tour of the brewery and tasting.  This would make for a great date night with friends or a night out with the ladies or guys.  It would also allow you to sample some of the best beer on Cape Cod.

Children’s Nature Basket
Value $30 

Packed with goodies for exploring nature this basket is filled with great activities for the Spring. It includes a child’s apron, plush bee toy, bug collecting kits, a festive pinwheel, and activity books.   This would also make a fantastic gift for someone you know.

Edible Cape Cod
Value $50

This item includes a signed copy of the book Edible by Tracey Ryder and Carol Topalian and a lovely broad brimmed gardening hat

Southwest Basket
Value $50

Enjoy an escape to the Southwest with a signed copy of Sol Y Sombra by Steve Brown, two glass cactus motif margarita glasses, a festive bowl, chips and salsa.

Outdoor Experience
Value $65

 This basket includes a stylish collapsible shopping tote, a sweet pepper planting kits, an adorable terra cot rustic jug style birdhouse and a signed copy of Sol Y Sombra by Steve Brown.

Gardening Basket
Value $25

You will get a head start on your garden this year.  Included in this basket are gardening gloves, garden pruners and assorted vegetable and wildflower seeds.

Close to Home
Value $35
This item includes a beautiful metal fruit bowl with a banana hook and a copy of Cooking Close to Home by Diane Imrie and Richard Jarmusz

Maffei Landscaping
$100 gift certificate for lawn mowing

Joyce Landscaping
$135 Value
 3 yards of dark pine bark mulch-delivered to Barnstable, Mashpee, Sandwich or Yarmouth

Trader Joes Gift Basket
Value $40

Everyone loves our neighborhood Trader Joes! This is a fantastic time to sample some new items and enjoysome old favorites.

UPDATED 4/16/11 3:24pm

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Thermometer is Rising!

Today was a great day!  We received over $400 in cash donations today.  It was such a great feeling to check our mailbox at the school and be surprised with so many individual and corporate sponsorships.  We have almost raised enough money to build the raised beds for our garden.  We need to raise about $300 more over the next week and a half.  We are optimistic!  If you haven't taken a look in a while, we have listed all who have contributed on our web page's "Donor List".  We are incredibly grateful to all who have given so far.  Your contributions, whether product or financial, will directly impact over 400 children this year alone.  Thank you so much for everything and let's continue to watch our thermometer fill with green!  Our next major purchase will be our garden shed.

Thank you!  We appreciate all of your generosity!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Flyers Go Home Today

Kick-Off Celebration
The Garden at BCHMCPS
Located at
165 Bearses Way~ Hyannis

In partnership with

Barnstable Community Horace Mann Charter Public School
Hyannis Youth Community Center
Mid-Cape Farmer’s Market

All are Welcome

Come out for a fun day with friends and family!

Saturday, April 16
8:00am - 12:00pm

Help build raised garden beds with players from
The Cape Cod Cubs and The Cape Cod Barons

Enjoy refreshments

Visit with
 baby goats, chickens and “Drumstick”

Decorate and take home your own planter and seeds

Create a snake or worm bookmark

Facepainting/Temporary tattoos

Bid on silent auction items

Special appearance by THE BEAST


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Garden Wish List

Would you please take a moment and see if you can help in anyway?

Here is what we need for the Kick-Off Celebration and in the future:




●General Handy-Man



●Public Relations/Fundraisers


●Home Depot gift cards to purchase:


Building supplies/hardware/equipment

●Gently used/new tools:






Bamboo stakes

Tomato Cages

●Gardening Gloves—Adult and Children

●Watering Cans

●Garden hoses

●3 Picnic tables with attached benches

●2 Wheelbarrows

●Baskets for harvesting

●Gardening books for Adults and Children

●Metal plant markers

Please email Melissa at pcmc2000@msn.com if you are able to offer your assistance.

Thank you for your time and generosity.

Over 400 of Barnstable’s children will benefit!